Ways to Avoid Common IAS Exam Preparation Mistakes

Many students appear for the IAS examination every year. IAS aspirants work hard to clear the exams. But, only a small percentage of students crack the IAS exams. IAS aspirants face several challenges during the preparation phase. This makes it difficult to clear the exams in the first attempt. Preparation is a key to crack the UPSC examination. You can very well join the best IAS academy in Chennai to avoid the common mistakes of IAS exam preparation. The following are the common mistakes committed by IAS aspirants when preparing for IAS exams.

Myths On Joining IAS Coaching Centers

IAS aspirants opt for self-study as they do not trust IAS coaching centres. It is indeed true hard work helps to clear IAS exams. But, candidates should not ignore coaching institutes. Joining an IAS coaching institute can be beneficial in many ways. It is worth the money spent. Coaching institutes offer professional guidance and provide access to the right study materials. They help you out with smart tips and tactics to crack the exam in the very first attempt. IAS coaching centres play a significant role in offering clarity of the various topics of the IAS exam syllabus. Mock tests conducted by IAS training institutes give a hands-on experience of taking up IAS exams.
Make sure not to depend too much on the training offered by coaching centres. Candidates have to put on their effort and hard work to clear the IAS exams.

Lack of Proper Planning

IAS aspirants must come up with scheduled planning when preparing for IAS exams. Planning is vital to cover the vast syllabus of IAS examination. It is the common aspect most of the students struggle in IAS exam preparation. IAS aspirants must devise a flexible plan based on their strengths and weaknesses. Students who appear for IAS exams for the first time must come up with short term preparation plans. Frame a daily time table for study and make sure to complete it in a given stipulated time. This can help to achieve long term goals in the future.

Trying To Study All The Books

The syllabus of the UPSC examination is vast. Choosing the right study materials or reference books for IAS exam preparation is difficult. Several textbooks and reference books for IAS exam preparation are available in the market. IAS aspirants end up studying all the study materials available to master a single topic of the UPSC syllabus. This makes it difficult for IAS aspirants to cover the entire syllabus. You don’t need to refer to all the reference books. Try to limit the number of books when preparing for IAS exams. This helps to cover the syllabus rather than concentrating on a single topic.

Try avoiding the above common IAS exam preparation mistakes and achieve success in IAS examination.

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A Quick Guidance By An All India Civil Service Coaching Centre In Chennai

To Take Coaching Or To Not?

When students begin preparing for the IAS exam for the first time, they are confused, as is expected. Some are unsure if they are eligible or not. Some are not clear on the exam dates. And some just simply don’t have a realistic image of the UPSC conducted examination.

To that end, here is quick guidance by a leading all India civil service coaching centre, Chennai. These are things that every civil service test taker should know before they start preparing.

  • The first question is to take IAS coaching or not.

The answer is subjective. Many students pass the exam with just self-studies, but that number is relatively low. Most students do require a coaching centre to clear the toughest competitive exam in India.

Our advice is not to be misguided. Look for an institute that provides you with quality study material and mentors. A poorly chosen coaching in Chennai will leave you with more questions than ever before.

Know Your Eligibility And Exam Date.

  • The second question is if you are eligible for the IAS exam.

These are the essential criteria the UPSC sets. If you fulfil them, then you eligible to sit for it:

  1. You should be a graduate. Any subject counts.
  2. If you are in a general category, you should be 21 to 32 years of age. There are relaxations for other categories.
  3. You can give 6 attempts. There are some relaxations for other categories.
  • The third question is when the IAS exam is.

Every aspirant should know the exam date before they start preparing because that tells you how much time you have to study. Your preparation should be in parallel to the exam cycle.

The IAS exam is conducted in three stages. The first is the prelims which generally happens in June. In 2020, due to COVID-19, the date was shifted. The second stage is the Mains exam, which is held in September or October. The 2020 Mains exam was moved to Jan 2021. The last stage is the Interviews. They take place from February to April.

Be Realistic Of Your Expectations.

The last guidance by the civil service coaching centre before you start preparing for IAS exam is to have a realistic expectation. Each year more than 10 lakh students register for the exam. Of these, only 4.5 lakhs sit for the Prelims.

Only 12,000 candidates pass the Prelims paper each year. A mere 2,500 aspirants clear the Mains. After the interview stage, the rank list has just 1000 names. That’s a very low probability. On top, if you are a general category, then you must score in the top 40% to make the cut!

With this clear picture, go forth and study hard.

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Why Prepare Early For IAS Exams?


Though times have changed, the craze for IAS exams never seems to come down among the ambitious youngsters. Clearing the IAS exam is not easy, and one has to put lots of effort. Considering the vast syllabus, one should prepare for IAS exams as early as possible. The truth is that many students start their preparations for IAS exams right from the school days. There are many ias coaching centres in Chennai, which play a huge role in helping the aspiring students to become an IAS officer.

We do not say that those who start their preparations late cannot clear the IAS exams. However, beginning the exam preparation earlier keeps the candidate in an advantageous position. Now let us provide some tips on how to prepare for exams efficiently. First, one should get a clear picture of the structure of the IAS exam. By looking into the previous years IAS question papers or other mock exams, one can get to know the structure of IAS exams. Reading newspaper should be a regular habit for any IAS aspirants. Here, we would like to stress that candidates should choose the mainstream and popular newspapers and not some local newspapers.

There are many study materials available both online and offline. Candidates should know to select the right books. Getting an idea from the successful IAS candidates can also be a great idea.
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Preparing For The IAS Exam While Working

IAS & UPSC Exam Coaching Classes in Chennai Offers Tips


Not every person can afford to dedicate their entire time to preparing for the IAS exam. Many have to balance full-time work or part-time work with preparation. As one of the few academies who has seen constant success with a variety of students, we give all those people who are employed some tips for studying for IAS exam. The key is to manage time properly because most of the day will be taken up by your day job. Here is a list of things you should do:

  • Create a schedule that fits your day and you are comfortable with and then stick to it diligently. If you skip a day, begin again. The goal is to follow it as much as possible.
  • A social life is vital to keep a person stress free but with work and preparation there is hardly any time left. A good solution is to find people who are in the same situation as you -employed persons who are also studying for the IAS exam. Socialise and mix with this group. It will kill two birds with a single stone. You get to have fun while interacting with people that have the same goal.
  • Find books and study material that is concise and short. They will help you cover the important concepts in a succinct manner. But remember that some topics will need an in depth study.
  • Lastly, make use of memory tricks and techniques. They are excellent methods to learning faster.

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Building The Right Perspective For The IAS Exam

UPSC & IAS Coaching Centre Expounds On Studying


In the last few years, the pattern of the UPSC exam has changed. The alteration was done to accommodate a very crucial aspect that an aspirant should not just be a rote learner. For a long time, a student who could learn by heart the syllabus of the exam had a very high probability of clearing the test, says one of the most well-known institutes in Chennai. Today, it is not the same.

When you analyse the latest trends and changes of the UPSC conducted test it becomes apparent that more importance is placed on sound judgement, knowledge of current affairs and high integrity. Individuals who can copy books word to word are not what is needed to become a civil servant. It is why the optional papers from the exam were eradicated from the preliminary exam and only one subject that is has two papers were kept for the mains.

Even the weightage of the marks that are considered from the general studies paper was increased because they give a better understanding of the person’s personality and intelligence. The present pattern of two GS papers during the Prelims and four compulsory GS papers during the Mains is a much more effective way of selecting candidates. It judges the person on aspects that can be put into practical life.  The best of best institutes, teachers, mentors and present and ex-IAS officers agree that the current method of testing is far more prudent than before.

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